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Trevena Glen - Information Policy

People are a vital part of our business and so we want to make sure that we collect accurate information and make sure it is managed properly. Our policy in regard to this information is as follows:

  • If you feel uncomfortable about providing answers to any of the survey questions, or you don't believe they are relevant, then don't answer the question.
  • We will take reasonable precautions to keep this information secure.
  • We will only use the information in the course of running our business at Trevena Glen.
  • We promise NOT to disclose your personal information to a third party without your knowledge and consent.
  • At any time you can ask to see the data we are keeping on our records about you.
  • We operate under the laws of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia and may at time to time be obligated by law to share your information with government agencies. We undertake to provide ONLY what we are obligated to provide by law.